Oct 26, 2017

Spherical Void Formers

On the B Level (the ground floor for most of the project), all of the underlying site utilities are finished and nearly every wall is complete. While work proceeds on the site, the project team also continues to perfect the white, board-formed concrete that is used to construct the three pavilions, such as the Skylight … Continue reading "Spherical Void Formers"

Aug 30, 2017

Crinkle concrete work continues

The construction site is undergoing a drastic transformation. Beyond the installation of more underlying infrastructure and the emergence of internal and external building framework, the uniquely crafted crinkle concrete, a textured and acoustically-sound material designed specifically for the walls of the expansion, is visible from the surrounding area.Additionally, construction on the foundation for the new … Continue reading "Crinkle concrete work continues"

Feb 13, 2017

SOE’s, T-cranes, and Crinkle Concrete: Construction progress and special features

In December, the Kennedy Center hit a major milestone for the expansion project. A second tower crane (t-crane) was erected on the west side of the jobsite. The new tower crane is shorter than the first, but has a larger boom (horizontal part of the crane that carries the load). Both tower cranes are being … Continue reading "SOE’s, T-cranes, and Crinkle Concrete: Construction progress and special features"