Feb 21, 2018

Interior Ceiling Design

Construction has progressed rapidly, giving our patrons a sneak peek at the future silhouette of the Kennedy Center campus. Recently seen on the Center’s Expansion Cam, carpenters have completed the ceiling forms for Studio A, the largest studio in the REACH. To ensure a perfect product, the team created many mock-up ceiling forms for their “saw tooth” design. The unique shape of these ridges will diffuse sound throughout the concrete ceiling while adding structural strength.

Large, built-in lighting fixtures will be housed between the ridges, as well as several theatrical lighting bars that will allow the studio to transition from a casual daytime master class, to an elegant and intimate jazz performance. Since the form remains outdoors during construction, the wide black pipes that create the circular openings to house lighting fixtures got their own yellow rain jackets!

On top of this concrete ceiling will be the Upper Lawn, where patrons and visitors can relax outdoors and enjoy films, recorded or live simulcast performances, and other projected pieces.

Concrete By The Numbers
  • 98% complete with B level walls/slabs
  • 90% complete with A level walls
  • 95% with A level slabs
  • 70% complete with Plaza level walls/slabs
light  Feb. 21, 2018
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